Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

VPNverdict earns an affiliate commission if you purchase a VPN service via our site.

How it goes?

When a user clicks on a VPN provider link and decides to purchase a product or service, the provider pays VPNverdict a finder’s fee.

Do you pay any extra for our fee?

Definitely NO. If you purchase a VPN via our site, you don’t pay any extra. As a matter of fact, usually, you will pay less than going directly through the provider because we strive to use our authority in the market to arrange better prices for our users.

If we earn a commission from VPN providers, do we present honest reviews?

Absolutely YES. Although we earn commissions, we stay loyal to our readers, and we believe that integrity is the most critical asset in any reviews website. All of VPNverdict reviews are 100% unbiased with positive and negative points.

There is a ridiculous amount of hundreds of VPN providers who offer exceptional commissions, but, we filter those who we find ‘irrelevant’ for not meeting with high technical specs standards that we believe in. Therefore, we picked the best ones for each use and all-around use.

Why do we take commissions?

Most of the reviews sites on the internet work on an affiliate model. We have different costs that come with this tremendous amount of work that is being done to create and maintain the content of our Website. Without these fees, we wouldn’t be able to run this activity.

Thank you for your support.

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